[WZH] Admiral Akbar


Admiral Akbar

Age : 30

Sex: Undetermined

Race: Mon Calamari

Bio: Admiral Akbar once commanded the rebel fleet against the final assault on the second death star in the Star Wars galaxy, this took place a long time ago in a galaxy far away. During the final assault on the death star the cruiser he was commanding was hit with debris and critically damaged.

All crew managed to abandon ship and escape on lifeboat pods howeverAdmiral Akbar stayed behind to pilot the Cruisers damaged hulk away from the rest of the rebel fleet and the below moon of Endor.

The downside was the Death Star’s hyper matter reactor had ripped a hole in the fabric of spacetime when it had exploded and the gravimetric shear was pulling all the escape pods into it, indeed the pull was even threatening to tear the moon of Endor out of its orbit.

Admiral Akbar did whatever any WarZone hero would do and set his reactor to overload and piloted the stricken hulk into the maw of the Spacetime rip, detonating the reactor at the right moment caused an inverse resonance cascade and sealed the wormhole.

Admiral Akbar Miraculously survived. The bridge section of his ship was pulled through the rift nanoseconds before the collosal explosion sealed it. however he found himself falling towards a Blue planet with unfamilliar stars, he hurried into the one remaining escape pod and ejected into the void.

Battering down into the atmosphere his pod splashlanded into the ocean near the coast of the world. Blowing the lid on his pod he swam ashore carrying nothing more than a few bandages and a torch. his inbuilt universal translator with its dying breath translated an obscure roadsign.






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